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"it's the little things"

Unforgettable Films  

  by Chloé 

authentic, beautiful art
 in the form of storytelling 

what is Your Story?

"beyond over the moon with this video... definitely needed a box of tissues!!"

 the most  romantic  things are the  little things.


"it's the little things" strives to not only create a beautiful piece of cinema for you, but to truly capture the raw authenticity and substance of  Your Story               

The Drive

~The Drive~

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, it is not work. Giving birth to the vision is the driving force of getting every little detail right."

Chloe Stubblebine

As founder of "it's the little things," I receive an incredible sense of joy from capturing all of my clients beautiful Stories through film. Film has always been a strong passion of mine. I wish to serve you and get to know who you are. Everyone's Story is different and unique. My aim is to beautify the raw essence and feeling of Your Story through film. In addition to the traditional details, at "it's the little things" we focus on the true heart and emotion of Your Story. Through my business, I strive to showcase real people, real lives, and real moments. ​

Wedding Films

Wedding Films

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